3 Delicious Recipes for Your Bread Maker

A bread maker is quite useful and many people have one in their kitchen. You will probably be surprised to find out that you can make lots of delicious recipes using a bread maker. If you don’t have one, read some bread maker reviews and decide on a bread machine as soon as possible. When reading bread maker reviews, look for versatile products which allow you to prepare different types of bread, as well as other types of food. In case you have a bread maker, but you only use it for making plain white bread, here are 3 delicious recipes that you should try out:

Seeded rye loaf

Do you want to make a delicious bread for sandwiches? Then a seeded rye loaf is exactly what you need. You will need just a few ingredients, such as 2 tsp sunflower oil, 3 tsp seeds, 270 ml water, 3 tsp yeast, 2 tbsp brown sugar, ½ tbsp salt, ½ tbsp milk powder, 100 g rye flour and 300 mg bread flour. Put all the ingredients in the baking pan, but make sure that the yeast doesn’t touch the water. You don’t actually need to do anything else, because the bread maker will mix all the ingredients for you, prove and bake as well. After the bread is done, you need to leave it do cool down for about 15 minutes. This type of bread is ideal for sandwiches or just for spread some bread and jam on it for the breakfast. Just make sure you have time when making a seeded rye loaf, because it’s going to last around three and a half hours.

Gluten free bread

Are you looking for a gluten free bread recipe? If so, then you will probably find interesting the following recipe. You need quite few ingredients, such as 3 eggs/room temperature, 4 tbs melted butter, 1 ts vinegar, 1 ½ tbs dry east granules, 3 tbs sugar, 1 ½ ts salt, 2 cups powdered milk, ½ tapioca flour, ½ potato starch and 2 cups rice flour. Most of the ingredients, such as the yeast, the flour, the milk powder, the salt and the sugar can be put together in the bread pan. After doing so, you will need to beat the eggs and mix them with the vinegar, the butter and the water and add this mixture to the other one that it’s already in the baking pan. Turn on the bread maker and wait around 2 hours until your bread will be ready. A gluten free bread will certainly be extremely healthy and most of all it is highly recommended for people who are allergic to gluten.

Hawaiian rolls

Did you know that with a bread maker you can actually make rolls? If you didn’t know that, the good news is that you can and Hawaiian rolls is a great and delicious recipe. You need 115 g unsalted butter, 2 eggs, 1 small packet yeast, 55 g brown sugar, 180 ml, pineapple juice, 1 ½ salt and 410 g bread flour. Put all the ingredients in the baking pan and the bread maker will easily mix them for you. Meanwhile you need to add some flour on your worktop and after the ingredients have been mixed take the pan out and separate the mixture into 9 equal pieces and roll each piece into a ball. Take each ball and roll it in the flour from your worktop. After you have done this with all the dough, you will need to leave it to rise for about 45 minutes in a bowl covered with a clean cloth. Pre-heat the bread maker and putt the rolls inside it and leave them for about 25 minute. Remember to leave the rolls to cool down before eating them.

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