Advantages of Using a Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you have a pool, its maintenance is one of the main chores during summer time. Robotic pool cleaners clean and maintain swimming pools by circulating and cleaning over 70 gallons of water per minute, scrubbing in-ground pools, and removing debris. They can be a big investment, but they are worth it. If you are wondering what is the best robotic pool cleaner, you should first understand the advantages of using such a device, so that you can decide what features your future pool cleaner should have. After all, if you sit and think about it, it spares you of doing the work on your own, and it certainly does it more efficiently, and you don’t need to hire a pool cleaner anymore. Next, we will be talking about the main advantages of using a robotic pool cleaner.

Environmental benefits

By using a robotic pool cleaner you save water, power and chemicals. You save about 50% of the water that would be consumed for backwashing when using the robotic cleaner, because they filter while they are inside the water and they remove the debris, the main filter pool unit not getting clogged so easily. Power is being saved due to the fact that the water is filtered from inside the pool, rather than being pumped for filtering. People who use the robotic pool cleaner save around $300 every year on the electrical bill because of this. Another benefit from using the robotic pool cleaner is that it reduces the chemical requirement. When you use it, the skimmer starts working normally again, and by removing the debris instead of storing it in the main filter, it reduces the chemical load.

Less maintenance and easy to use

The robotic pool cleaner vacuums and traps the debris from the pool in a self-contained compartment. This makes it very easy to clean, and you don’t have to backwash or rinse the pool’s filter by using it. It’s very easy to operate as well. Robotic pool cleaners have on and off buttons, and they simply start doing their job once you start them. Some models even have remote controls, which you can use to guide the robot in what directions you want.

Superior cleaning ability

Robotic pool cleaners brush, scrub, they have strong suction power, they can climb and scrub the waterline, and they have independent filtration as well. This makes them the ideal cleaning tool for pools, doing an efficient and complete job. Many models are even systematic, having in-built electronics, with logic, controls and sensors, enabling the device to navigate the pool on its own, mapping the shortest and fastest path to finish cleaning.

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