Cocktail Making Tips

When you think about a cocktail, any beverage that contains alcohol and other ingredients such as juice or soda cross your mind. These refreshing and popular drinks can be found at any bar or restaurant, but why spend so much on them, when you could simply prepare cocktails in your own home. You could serve them at parties, or enjoy a nice cocktail while you read your favorite book curled up on the sofa. Here are some tips to make cocktails by yourself, and have them taste and look exactly like they were ordered from a professional bartender.

Alcohols, juices and sodas

Cocktails are sophisticated drinks that make anyone who drinks them seem classy and tasteful. Therefore, when choosing your basic ingredients, the alcohol and the juice or soda, the combination between them has to taste good and look pleasant. If you’re going for a manly cocktail, you have to be discreet about the color and go for something more classic. Use colorless spirits like gin, vodka, or soju, with an appropriate garnish and bitters to top it off; simple and proper for men. If you want to serve a more colorful cocktail, you can use tequila, absinthe, mezcal, or brandy and add fruit juice or soda to the mix. To enhance the alcohol concentration of the cocktail, you can combine two types of alcohol that are compatible in taste. For example, you can combine beer and tequila to create a “beer-garita”, that tastes good and it will certainly be a surprising combination to serve at a party. When it comes to what fruit juice or soda to use, there are no set boundaries; you can go with what you like to drink best, because when you mix them with spirits, the taste will certainly be amazing.

Add ice and start shaking

To mix the taste of the chosen ingredients, you must shake vigorously for about 20 seconds. Always remember to add the ice before you start shaking the cocktail, or else it will melt off and dilute the drink. To ensure the ice won’t melt too fast, you should go with extra-large ice cubes. This way, the drink won’t end up tasting like water in five minutes, and the whole aspect of a cool cocktail will be better preserved.


The garnish shouldn’t be seen as something optional, but rather as a mandatory piece to the puzzle that is the cocktail. Could you imagine drinking a martini that didn’t have at least one olive on a skewer? Of course not! They are a tiny appetizer that brings the whole drink together, adding taste and making it look classy.

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