Essential Tools for Doing Your Own Gel Nail Designs

Nowadays, gel nail has become very popular and extremely practical at the same time. With so many nail designs, no wonder most of the women find hard to choose one. On the other hand, having your nails done in a salon can be quite expensive, but the good news is that you can do it yourself at home as well. Here are the essential tools for doing your own gel nail design.

Nail polish

Obviously, you can’t do anything without nail polish. You will probably find a bit confusing choosing a nail polish due to the many brands that are on the market at the moment. It doesn’t actually matters the brand, but the quality. Choose a quality nail polish in a colour that you like. You’re going to wear it on your nails, after all.

Top coat

If you want to do your own gel nail design, then you definitely need a top coat, in order to protect your work. It is recommended to go for a fast drying top coat. On the other hand if you are a patient person and you don’t mind waiting for several minutes until your nails are dried, then you could go for an ordinary top coat.

Acrylic paint

It is true that you can do your own gel nail design using nail polish, but with acrylic paint your nails will certainly look amazing. It will be easier for you to mix the colours and create beautiful designs on your nails. The most important colours that you should have are green, blue, red, black and white. You could actually obtain any other colour by mixing some of them.

Nail design brushes

You will find on the market special nail art brushes which are extremely easy to use. Choose a pack with several brushes in different sizes. You are definitely going to need all of them.

Dotting tools

A kit with dotting tools is not expensive at all. You should buy one in order to obtain a wonderful gel nail design. Using these dotting tools you will find extremely easy to do any design that contains dots. Another option would be to use any other object that has a small and rounded end, like a needle or a toothpick. It’s up to you what you choose to use, as long as you obtain the perfect dots.

Striping tape

When it comes to striping tape, you have two options, to buy one from the specific shops or to use any tape you have in the house. Just be careful not to use a striping tape that sticks too strong, otherwise you will destroy the nail polish.

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