Guide on Buying a Laser Rangefinder

If you are a person that loves golf or hunting, and you are looking for a tool that can help you in your hobby, you should look for a laser rangefinder. You have to know that there are different models of laser rangefinders; some of them are designed for golf, some for hunting, and others for surveying. You should purchase one that is suitable for your hobby. Before buying one, you should read reviews about different types of devices, and their features on a site like

What to consider when buying a laser rangefinder

Before going to the store or online to buy this device, you should purchase it according to its priority feature. Some rangefinders feature a first priority mode, which means that they read the first object that comes in their front and ignores the ones that are behind that object. Persons that practice golf use first priority rangefinders. This gives them the opportunity of taking away all the obstacles that are behind them and the flag, but the flag has to be placed at view. The player has to set it at the distance where the flag is located. The persons that want a rangefinder for hunting should select a second priority one, which ignores the object that comes first in their view and sees behind it at a considerable distance. This device helps the hunter, because it ignores obstacles as branches, and sees distant objects, like animals. In addition, you have to consider the distance you want your rangefinder to be able to locate the object, because every device has stated on its label the maximum distance at which it can see, but in extreme weather conditions, it will not be able to detect the object at the maximum distance. You have to check the manufacturer’s specification to see in what conditions you can use it.

Why is Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX Laser Rangefinder so wanted

This device is a laser rangefinder that will help you both in practicing golf or while hunting, because it combines an inclinometer and a laser rangefinder. This technology is placed inside a waterproof housing because the manufacturer wanted to provide his customers a device that helps them determine the accurate distance without having to worry about weather conditions. It features CONX Technology, which allows you to connect to your rangefinder via Bluetooth, if you have an Android device. You can configure it wirelessly and load up different ballistic curves, by simply using your phone. If you are a rifleman or archer, you can use this device because it has Angle Range Compensation. It will prove very useful to you because the rangefinder calculates the angles and ranges and it will provide you shot-correction recommendations. If you like hunting you can use it with a variety of devices, and it is highly customizable, because you can use the information from your ballistic and weapon to adjust the MOA. This rangefinder manufactured by Bushnell provides targeting modes like brush, scan or bullseye. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose a rangefinder that suits your needs. Things can be quite tricky when it comes to modern gadgets, as there are many features to consider. If you need help deciding to buy other types of gadgets, visit the site. This is a tech news site, which will keep you up to date with the latest gadget and technology news.

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