Home Safety Solutions for Disabled People

The majority of accidents occur at home. This fact is even more frightening if you have a household member with any type of disability, or if you are disabled yourself. Extra security measures have to be taken, and an ease of access in case of emergency must be ensured as well. People who have disabilities need protection, but they have to feel independent as well. Use the following home safety solutions to ensure their protection and comfort, while allowing them to feel free, not like a weight to carry around.

Moving around the house

If a member of the household can’t walk normally, and depends on a wheelchair to move around, for example, there are certain safety measures that have to be taken. Wheelchairs are more maneuverable indoors, but there are also some compact mobility scooters that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, wheelchair or mobility scooter access ramps have to be installed to allow movement, because they can’t enter and exit the house using the stairs like we do. If a fire starts and the disabled person needs to escape the house as fast as possible, the ramp could be a real life saver, allowing a fast and safe movement. Also, make sure that the dimensions of your doors are appropriate and accommodate mobility scooter access or wheelchair access. Installing a stair lift is necessary if you have more than one floor in your house. Persons who have a disability either can’t walk up and down the stair at all, or even if they can, it might be dangerous for them. Avoid taking this risk by simply installing one of the many stair lifts available on the market, and this way they will be able to move around independently, whenever they want, without fearing all the time that they might fall and hurt themselves. Stair lifts are safe and comfortable, and they can be useful not only to seniors, but also to disabled people or people with cardiac problems.

Keep an eye on them

It’s important to keep an eye on the disabled household members at all times. Install security cameras all over the place and look at the footage that is directly transmitted to your phone, tablet or computer when they are left home alone once in a while. This way, in the off chance that anything bad happens and you’re not around, you notice it in time to go quickly back home, or announce someone else to go and help them out. For example, blind people are in constant danger of hurting themselves around the house by falling or hitting sharp objects. Also, it can be downright impossible for them to know if an intruder is around, but if you are monitoring everything, then you can announce the authorities to come and put a stop to the situation.

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