Pros and Cons of Convection Microwave Ovens

The convection microwave oven is a combination between a convection oven and a standard microwave oven. It cooks the food quickly, just like a microwave, but the food comes out crisped or browned just like in a convection oven. A convection microwave oven circulates the hot air uniformly with the help of its high velocity forced air fan. They are a godsend to people who don’t have a lot of space in their kitchens, and the convection microwave oven makes a great addition for larger kitchens that already have the rest of the vital appliances. If you want to see which are the best convection microwave ovens, visit a microwave reviews website. Nevertheless, before making such an investment, you should understand both the advantages and the disadvantages of owning such an oven.


The most important advantage of the convection microwave oven is the fact that it gives you the best of both worlds by combining bake, grill, and microwave functions. This makes it very convenient to use, it’s fast and effective, and it does a wonderful job when you need to cook at a high-temperature. You will surely save a lot of time by using this appliance. Being smaller than conventional ovens, they are ideal for small kitchens, not taking up much space. They can be built-in to kitchen cabinets for better space saving, exactly like the normal microwave ovens. Even if you have enough space in your kitchen, the convection microwave oven is a great addition for a complete set of kitchen appliances due to its fast cooking. They come at an affordable price range, the lowest price being around $160, while the highest price for such an appliance being around $3000. Also, they are cheap to run, adding only about $20 per year to your electricity bill. To sum it up, the convection microwave oven is affordable, small, fast, and effective – a truly complete kitchen appliance.


As all appliances, they have good sides and bad sides. After all, nothing is perfect. One of the downsides of the convection microwave oven is that it isn’t as large inside as the conventional oven. This is a problem if you want to cook cakes, for example, because you need a pretty large space to bake them in. Even if they come at an affordable price, they still cost more than the standard microwave. This isn’t necessarily surprising if you keep in mind the fact that it has more functions than the microwave; in the standard microwave you can only defrost or reheat, while in the convection microwave oven you can do everything the standard model does, plus cooking, grilling and baking. Another downside to it is that it won’t do as good of a job as a conventional oven when it comes to baking certain items. For example, scones will definitely have a better texture if you bake them in a conventional oven.

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