Sound Machines for Improved Concentration

Sound machine are efficient devices that can help you have a relaxing and peaceful sleep, but as a matter of fact, they serve more purposes than just helping you fall asleep. By using your sleep sound machine to get a good night’s sleep, you will manage to be more productive during the day by staying focused and concentrated. Below you will find out which are top rated sound machines for improved concentration.

Adaptive Sound Technologies

If you are often distracted by all sorts of noises, you need a sound machine that uses an adaptive sound technology, designed to block background noise that keep you from concentrating. The Adaptive Sound Technologiessound machine uses 10 different sounds stories, like rain, ocean, city, waterfall, fireplace, meadow, train, brook, meditation and white noise. What makes this sound machine stand apart from the rest is the fact that it comes with a richness setting that adds more depth to each sound by changing the tone of the sleep sound that you are currently listening to.

Brookstone Travel Tranquil Moments

If you are the type of person that travels a lot, having one of the top rated sound machines with you can bring many benefits. A good quality sound machine like the Brookstone Travel Tranquil Moments can help you focus on the road only, without being distracted by background noises. Using this machine at night can also be very beneficial, because it allows you to have a good night’s rest so that you can be productive the next day. Because it’s a small and compact machine it can fit into any luggage or travel bag, meaning that you can take it anywhere with you. The sound selection comes in two categories, the relax programs and the sleep program. In total there are eight different sounds, including white noise.

Sharper Image Sound Soother

The Sharper Image Sound Soother is a great choice for people who have trouble sleeping at night and even more trouble staying focused at work or school, as a result of poor sleep. Other than proving white noise, it also comes with many sound stories, including nature and water noises that promote relaxation to ease your into a deep and relaxing slumber. This particular model includes relaxing noises such as ocean noises, thunderstorms and rain but there are also some unique sounds that are not so commonly featured at most comparable models. The sounds of a city or the steady tempo of the heartbeat can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

Conair Serene Sound Therapy SU9

The Conair Serene Sound Therapy machine is a compact sound device that doesn’t include many features, but it’s still efficient at improving the quality of your sleep. This unit has a simple layout that makes it very easy to operate. In addition to that, it operates only on battery power, making it more portable than other sleep sound devices. What’s worth mentioning here is the fact that it lacks a white noise setting. It only includes relaxing sleep sounds, such as rainfall, ocean waves, heartbeat, summer rain and many more.

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