Surprise Your Mother with a Sewing Machine                 

If your mother loves creating clothes and things for the house, then you should not think twice before buying her a sewing machine for Christmas. She will definitely be delighted if she will find it under the Christmas tree. You may think that she has that old one from her grandmother and it still works fine, but she will love every aspect of working with a modern one. Moreover, you give her the possibility of creating more things in less time, and maybe she will make a small business from the accessories she designs. If you do not know what sewing machine is good for her you should visit, and see the reviews made for a wide range of devices. Here are listed some sewing machines that can represent a good choice for you.

Brother XL2600i

This basic device is easier to use. It may prove perfect if you are looking for an affordable gift. XL2600i is perfect if your mother will want to make new clothes for you and your family or if she wants to fix one of your existing clothes. She will also have the possibility of sewing curtains and linens. It is very good for creating decorative items because it features 25 built-in stitches and a one-step buttonhole stitch. If she does not want to create decorative items, she can still use it for sewing basic clothes. This machine has only 11 lbs., which make her easier to move from a place to another without having to ask the help of somebody else. It also has an easy dial stitch selector, a drop in bobbin, the capacity for 800 stitches per minute and an automatic winding system.

Brother CS 5055PRW

This one is very good for sewing elastic, fleece and other stretchy fabrics, because it has built-in stretch stitches. It has 50 heirloom and decorative stitches and every one of them has multiple stitch functions. It has a lightweight and it is very easy to thread with it.  It will give your mother the opportunity of making beautiful creations. It has variable speed selector, automatic tension, automatic needle threader and thread cutter. It has two types of stitches, decorative and buttonhole and a top drop in bobbin. Brother CS 5055 PRW has a foot controller pedal and 7 presser feet. This computerized sewing machine has a quick start guide that will help your mother understanding better how it functions.

Other options

You can select a sewing machine from other manufacturer, if you do not like the technology offered by Brother. A very good alternative for your mother might be Janome Magnolia 7318, which is quite versatile and offers great quality. It is very popular for its multiple features. If you want to buy her a sewing machine that gives her the opportunity of sewing jeans and curtains then you should take into consideration Singer Heavy Duty 4411. It is a perfect sewing machine if your mother wants to teach someone to sew. Do your homework and find the perfect sewing machine for your mother.

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