Understanding the Main Types of Laundry Dryers

Nowadays, many people have in their homes a laundry dryer. It is true that it is a very useful machine, but do you know exactly what type is best to choose? If you are in this confusing situation, then you should have a look at this article for a better understanding of the main types of laundry dryers.


An electric dryer uses a heating coil in order to dry your laundry. They are the most popular ones due to the fact that they are reasonably priced in comparison with other products which can be quite expensive. In case you usually don’t wash too often, then this type of appliance is the right choice for you. An electric laundry dryer is a perfect device for small families. In case you decide to buy a product like this, you need to have in mind that it needs to be serviced once a year, in order to stay in a good running order. Some consumers complained about the fact that it takes too long to dry the clothes, but apart from that, this sort of unit does a great job.


This sort of machines uses a gas burner in order to generate the necessary drying heat. Gas dryers are expensive to buy, but they consume less the ones that use electricity to operate. They are perfect for large families which usually wash one load or more a day. A gas dryer is without any doubt a long term investment, and even if it expensive, you will certainly recover your money in time. The only disadvantage about this sort of product is that it heats up quite quickly and your clothing can be damaged if the cycle is not permanently monitored.


The last category of laundry dryers is one extremely popular, the same as the first one presented above. Lots of people are pleased with this type of devices, due to the fact that they dry the laundry in a short time. They are highly recommended for those who have children due to the fact they usually wash their clothes extremely often. Tumble dryers are also reasonably priced, and therefore, many of us can afford to buy. Their large capacity is another important feature that you should have in mind when buying a product like this. It is important that you look at the clothes labels before you actually dry them, due to the fact that some of them are not allowed to go in a tumble dryer because they may shrink or damage.

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