Which is the most Efficient Type of Space Heater?

The space heater is a device that is generally used to warm up a small enclosed space, as opposed to central heating, which warms up as many spaces as it is connected to at once. Space heaters use either electricity, or they burn wood pellets, propane, natural gas, or fuel oil to run. There are some models which operate on heat pump principles, these space heaters being able to provide air conditioning as well. This device is better to be placed somewhere out of the reach of infants, because they can cause an instant burn. The space heaters present a major fire or carbon monoxide poisoning risk if you don’t pay attention to them. Even though they both present a threat if you aren’t careful around them and in their maintenance, both electric, and propane and kerosene heaters are very efficient when it comes to warming up the space you desire.

Electric heaters

The electric space heaters are ideal due to the fact that they spread heat over a wide area. The only disadvantage is that if the room in which it is placed isn’t well-insulated, the heat will dissipate quickly once the device is turned off. One of the best electric space heaters is the DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat 1500W portable oil-filled radiator with vertical thermal tunnels. At the low price of only $90, it can heat up a large space like a living room or a master bedroom easily. Another great electric space heater is the Lasko 754200 ceramic heater. It costs only $25, and it’s the size of a loaf of bread. This model is efficient for warming up small places, of about 10 feet by 11 feet, it spreads the heat quickly, and it can fit in anywhere due to its small size. Infrared heaters are electric heaters as well. They radiate about 86% of their input as radiant energy. The Solaria electric infrared heater for indoor and outdoor use converts around 92% of the consumed energy in comfortable heat. Being so efficient, it doesn’t affect the electric bill a lot. It’s silent, odorless, it heats up instantly, and it’s weatherproof as well. Whether you are looking for an indoor or an outdoor heater, you will surely fin an infrared unit suitable for your needs.

Kerosene and propane heaters

The kerosene and propane heaters produce prodigious heat, but they present a big risk of carbon monoxide poisoning because of their open flame. They have to be placed in rooms and areas that have good ventilation for safety reasons. A great kerosene heater is the Dura Heat DH2304. Due to its shape, it offers a full 360 degrees of heat. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to place it in the room. In addition, it offers both heat and light, therefore the winter power outages won’t be a problem again if you have this device around. This model can warm up large areas, of around 1000 square feet due to its 23000 BTU power output. It requires only an annual maintenance to ensure that it’s safe and it won’t have any problems.

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